My Convertion to Islam...

As a child I was always told that I was a Baptist Christian and throughout my younger years, and on into young adulthood, this is what I believed and never questioned it. But as I grew older and began to become more aware of religion and my spirituality. I wanted to seek other things. For some reason Christianity did not fulfill me. I did not see the genuineness, loyalty, discipline, or righteousness that God wanted his people to have in Christianity. No I’m not saying this is all Christians, but for what I have seen when going to church, looking at sermons on TV, or even in dealing with Christians personally; Christianity was not for me.

For most my adulthood, I have always been in a place where I have either worked with, gone to school with, or even befriended people from other cultures, nationalities, and religions. And having this kind of fortune, helps one to see life in a new light. It surely gave me a broader outlook on life, how I lived my life, my spirituality, and what I wanted to do
with my life. I got married in 2005 to a Muslim man. and at that time lots of my friends were Muslim, but I never thought of converting due to the ignorance I had against Islam. It wasn’t until I was divorced and alone, without friends or anyone, did I start to seek God and his will for my life.

I researched Islam and compared it to some of the things that I had learned in being around Muslim people and decided Islam was the way I wanted to go. What made me convert was mainly the practice. Islam was not just a religion to me, but a way of life. Islam offered discipline, simplicity, simple logic in living, a constant awareness of Allah, and cleanliness. So in October of 2013 I decided to take my Shahada and convert.

I have never been so interested in taking in all the knowledge I can in religion. Islam has given me so much enlightenment on life and my character, and how to build my character as a person. I’m even learning Arabic, how cool is that? But really I say all this to say that finding your spirituality is finding your peace. It helps one to get through the struggles, pains or hard questions in life. It brings you closer to God and pleases him because at the the end of the day, we are only here to praise and please God and whilst in the midst of it all he allows us to make decisions and choices on how we want to live and conduct our own lives. Don’t want till it’s too late, Seek God First, and the rest will follow.

As Always Thanks for reading,

Signing off,

Empress Hadiya