Salaam Friends,

So what hairstyle would you guess was the most popular for 2013? I would say “The Classic BOB”. Most Magazines, TV shows, Ads, or anything displaying fashion in 2013 paraded BOBs and Pixie Cuts. Lots of women began to shed the locks and long bouncy curls for shorter and more edgy looks. Like some sort of a movement. I thought it was great because most of us women either feel that our long locks should not be cut while others feel that short hair is a sign of masculinity. I was one who felt that short cuts were too much to manage and I did feel a lil manly lol…So I stayed away. But I later I found my niche, I decided to take a leap and wear a cute layered bob, however still not too short I think this look fits me well, my daughter always say it makes me look like a well she is 18, so I guess by now I should.

Signing Off,