Covering Under-Eye Bags…..

Salaam Friends,

Now that I have hit 35, I have noticed my under-eye area is sagging and starting to show my age and since I’m one who loves a natural look instead of a makeup overload, I struggled with finding out how to cover these saks lol..I signed on to my go to remedy station for beauty tips (Youtube) and found a video that helped me tremendously and I wanted to share, Hope this helps!!!!

Signing Off Empress!!!

2014-02-12 00.33.45


Author: Empress Dialogues

Hi, thank you for your interest. I am Shanitra. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I am a divorced mother of three young adults. I work in the insurance business, however I have a great love for writing, I still have not been able to pinpoint exactly where my talent is in writing, i just love it. I normally write African American Fiction short stories and Children books. My mind just flows when I am writing. I'm also an over-thinker sometimes lol, so keeping a blog helps to get lots of things out of my head and heart. Anyway I do appreciate you checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy it..... Shanitra.........

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