My husband stole my baby while I was shopping in Mothercare and took her to Libya (Photos)

This happens more often than we think. It’s very scary when loving someone from a foreign country. The reason why I never had kids with my ex-husband.

Diamond Celebrities

Malgorzata Szymanowicz

A heartbroken mother has told of the terrifying moment her husband kidnapped her baby and took her to Libya – while she shopped in Mothercare.

Mal Szymanowicz, 34, was looking at clothes for the 15-week-old tot when the baby’s father snatched her and flew to the lawless city of Tripoli.

Maher Belaid

The cruel dad is refusing to return little Talia to the safety of her home in Britain – and her mum fears she will never see her again.

Father Maher Belaid, 35, said he would rather go to jail than give up the “tug of love” child and is now serving a six-and-a-half year prison sentence.

Tearful Mal, 34, said: “My heart is broken, I can’t even put my pain into words.

“I wonder if I will ever see my beautiful daughter again. I cry every single day for her.

Mal said: “”It was an ordinary day and we went…

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